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Northwest Invention Center Filmmaking

The Northwest Invention Center is now collaborating with a team of scientists-turned-filmmakers to provide film/video production services for researchers, museums, and other organizations.


Film and video can be an invaluable tool for instruction, complement and enrich curricula, and help revitalize public relations or publicity campaigns. This tool can help you reach out to new audiences with your exhibits, educational outreach, and science communication efforts.


We will work with you to develop innovative multimedia products that meet your demands and fit your budget. Pricing is flexible, with productions ranging from ultra-low-budget to broadcast quality. Production experience includes film, video (standard and Hi-Def), and computer graphics/animation. Experienced and certified in terrestrial and aquatic filmmaking, we can go anywhere a project may lead.


Our filmmakers are all former scientists who were not satisfied with the current state of science communication and have set out to bring creative new approaches to science filmmaking. Coming from diverse scientific backgrounds they have produced films on a wide variety of scientific subjects and are eager to find innovative solutions to meet your scientific and creative needs.


For more information, please contact the Northwest Invention Center Film Crew by email at


Professional Development

We provide professional development workshops for science teachers and science center staff. The training is hands-on, fast-paced, and fun. Participants learn how to lead students making a dozen or more models that propel their understanding of science and covering NGSS topics.

Maker Spaces

Need help creating your Maker Space? Or, do you need project curriculum for an existing space? Or help programming? Just give us a shout

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