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Workshops and training

  • Ingenuity - Teachers love this total immersion in designing, building, and innovating that leads to a better understanding of science. Working in small teams you make cars, rockets, boomerangs, and lots of other models that teach basic concepts of science. You also learn the ingenuity method of teaching and learning that fosters a love of learning and experimenting. Participants describe this workshop as either the best or one of the best training workshops they have attended. One or two day workshop.
  • Solar, Wind, and Electric Energy - Build electric car models, solar cars, and wind turbines. Store energy generated from the wind to drive model cars. Through experimenting learn direct current electricity, how to use electric motors in the classroom, photo voltaic (solar) cells, electrical generators, and wind machines. This workshop goes from batteries to green energy in five or six hours of fun. Even teachers who are not comfortable with physics or electricity leave this workshop with confidence and smiles. One day workshop.
  • Castles, Catapults, and Cable Cars - 1,000 years of history and technology unfold as participants create castles and model the technology surrounding them. Build a human-powered elevator to lift food to the castle. Create catapults to lay siege to the castles. Switch from mechanical siege engines to chemical-reaction artillery to close the era of castles as protection. Jump to the 21st century workshop to build motor-powered cable cars to bring tourists to the castle ruins. Use this workshop to launch into dozens of science or history discussions. One day workshop.
  • 21st Learning Skills - What skills do students need to be successful in the 21st Century? How can we teach these skills in an already over-loaded curriculum? What are the best methods of teaching? You can teach less and be more effective in helping your students learn by applying the principles of creative learning. Teaching should focus on student learning, not on forcing rote memorization of facts. Students in the 21st century must be able to apply their learning to solve problems in the business, civic, and academic worlds, and they need to learn in a creative, problem-solving atmosphere to prepare them. Teaching creatively establishes classroom environments in which creative thinking, research, and learning flourish. One day workshop.
  • R/C Science - Discover the science learning at 90 (scale) miles per hour from experimenting with R/C cars. Based on Ed's forthcoming book, this workshop covers a broad swath of physical science content with fun, hands-on activities. One-day workshop.
  • Sticky Widgets - Get your audience or class building fun devices. These gizmos attract engagement: they are sticky. And they beg for people to add their own innovative touches: to widget-ize them. Choose simple or complex widgets depending on the audience. Perfect for after-school, conferences (I need a hands-on activity to illustrate a point), and any group gathering.

Washington State Office of Public Instruction recently provided evaluations on two of our recent workshops: over 90% rated the workshops outstanding and 9% rated them excellent.


We have given workshops throughout the US and in 18 other countries.


Professional Development

We provide professional development workshops for science teachers and science center staff. The training is hands-on, fast-paced, and fun. Participants learn how to lead students making a dozen or more models that propel their understanding of science and covering NGSS topics.

Maker Spaces

Need help creating your Maker Space? Or, do you need project curriculum for an existing space? Or help programming? Just give us a shout

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